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Free eBooks by Dr. Heidi Campbell -
Resources on Religion and Culture

Digital Religion Publications, an imprint of the Network for New Media, Religion and Digital Culture Studies run by Dr. Heidi Campbell, announces the publication of a series of eBooks. The goal of these eBooks is to capture and present current research on pressing issues related to religion and culture, publish them in a timely manner, and make them available for FREE. These books are aimed at a broad audience including religious leaders, communities, and researchers seeking to interpret their work for the public. These resources have helped hundreds of religious thought leaders and groups navigate through best practices and the potential implications of making decisions through evaluative measures.

To access the full list of resources, please see Dr. Campbell's website here

Highlighted below are 4 of the eBooks available for download

Revisiting the Distanced Church

This provides a follow- up conversation with key contributors from The Distanced Church, on what their ministry looks like one year into the pandemic. Revisiting the Distanced Church offers not only a "then and now" perspective on how pastors and scholars see the evolving relationship between the church and digital media. It also looks into the long term implications of these technology choices on the church, Together the eBook reflect on the present-future of digital ministry and areas in need of further theological reflection due to these changes. 

The Distanced Church: Reflections on Doing Church Online
In March/April 2020 most churches around the world have been forced to close their doors due to the need for social distancing and local lock-downs in order to fight off the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The result was traditional churches had to make an unplanned and swift transition towards technologically-driven forms of gathering.
Digital Ecclesiology: What if the Future of the Church is Digital
Digital Ecclesiology: A Global Conversation explores theological issues and challenges churches have been faced with due to social distancing and required social-cultural adaptations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. This book follows on from the eBook "The Distanced Church", which explored religious leaders and scholar responses to the forced move into doing church online during the pandemic.
Religion in Quarantine: The Future of Religion in a Post-Pandemic World
Religion in Quarantine, recently named Outstanding Book in 2020 by the Spiritual Communication Division of the National Communication Association, is an eBook collection of essays written by religious studies faculty and graduates students from Texas A&M University. Coming from a variety of religious traditions--including Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism--each essay considers what future of religion might look like in light of the changes facilitated by the current COVID-19 pandemic and the potential challenges this may raise for religious communities.
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