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The Network for New Media, Religion and Digital Culture Studies (NMRDC); is pleased to announce the call for published works (an

article or book chapter) for consideration for the annual Digital Religion Research Award.

This award is to recognize outstanding research in the area of Digital Religion studies,

which explores the intersection between religion, technology, and digital, networked

cultures. Preference will be given to research engaging with the work of Heidi A

Campbell, Director of the Network, who is considered a pioneer in the field of Digital

Religion Studies. As a Professor of Communication at Texas A&M University, Campbell

has written numerous articles and books exploring religious communities' use of the

Internet, as well as key theoretical works in the study of digital religion. The Award

Committee is made up of members of the Advisory Board of the NMRDC Network.

To be considered for this award, submissions may explore themes related to the practice

and understanding of religion in online and offline spaces, rhetoric of digital technology,

ethical implications of network or mobile technologies, religious engagement with

emerging media and how forces of the secular and religious interact in digital cultures.

Interdisciplinary works are encouraged, as well as those addressing at least two of the

following fields: Area Studies, Communication, Ethics, Game Studies, Gender Studies,

Information Science, Internet studies, Philosophy of Technology, Media Studies,

Religious Studies, Sociology of Religion and/or Technology, and Theology. Submissions

will be evaluated based on the quality of their: (1) advancement of knowledge in the area

of Digital Religion Studies, (2) the application of Campbell’s approaches and concepts,

(3) the originality and creativity of the research topic, and (4) the clear organization and

presentation of the overall argument.

Awardees receive an honorarium, plaque, and an invitation to give a guest lecture where

the award will be given. This year’s lecture is planned to take place at the 2024 ISMRC

conference in Bochum, Germany, and this year’s honorarium has been increased so the

recipient can use it to assist with conference travel and attendance costs. Only single-

authored works are accepted. Applications and articles may only be submitted for award

consideration once. Published materials submitted must have appeared in print between

January 2022 and January 2024 to receive this year’s award. Please send a PDF or

electronic copy of the article/chapter to along with a 1-2 page

letter addressed to the committee, which provides an abstract of the work to be

considered and a narrative that explains how your article meets the stated evaluation


All submissions are due by June 1, 2024.


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