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Research Inspires Online Conference: On Studying Media & Religion

This online conference showcases the interdisciplinary research of 9 scholars from TAMU studying the intersection of media and religion.

From 2014-2017 the 3-year Seminar on Media & Religion, sponsored by the Melbern G .Glasscock Center for Humanities Research at Texas A&M University, explored from a number of disciplinary angles how religion is performed, presented and produced through media.

In the pages that follow members present their personal research projects investigating various forms of media--from the historic media of books to newer digital technologies such as blogs online--in order to see how religious discourse and practice have and are being informed by mediated engagement. Together their work formed the basis of a unique collaborative, interdisciplinary environment enabling seminar members to learn from one another's expertise in archival work, discourse analysis, cross-cultural research and digital methodologies.

Though engaging key literature and discussion partners from Media, Religion and Culture studies--
Jeffery MahanMia LovheimStewart Hoover -- and focusing on the themes of religious identity and authority, individual seminar participants were able to work together to identify map out common questions and themes from their work and contribute to this growing area of interdisciplinary inquiry.


To explore their findings, please click HERE and visit the Online Conference:On Studying Media & Religion!

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