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Book presentation - Unruly Souls

7th May 2024 | H 4-5.30 pm |AULA CIASCA 

Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia Sapienza Università di Roma 


Alberta Giorgi |Università degli Studi di Bergamo 

Federico Palmieri Di PietroUniversità Sapienza 

Sarah El Couhen | Università Sapienza 


Alessandra Vitullo |Università Sapienza 

Kristin Peterson - Boston College 

The book explores the intersectional feminist activism  among young people within Islam and Evangelical  Christianity. Through an analysis of various digital  projects from hip-hop music videos and Instagram  accounts to Twitter hashtags and podcasts, Kristin  Peterson argues that the hybrid, flexible, playful, and  sensory nature of digital media facilitate intersectional  feminist activism within and beyond religious  communities. Drawing on work from queer theory, decolonial theory, and Black feminist theory, this study  explores how those who have been marginalized are  able to effectively deploy their disregarded status along  with digital media tactics to cultivate empathetic  communities for those recovering from religious trauma. 

The presentation will be held in English and in hybrid mode.

To follow the event online, please use the link


Laboratorio Religioni e Mutamento Sociale 


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