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Call for papers - NEW Special Issue of Poligrafi

We are pleased to invite you to contribute to the new Special Issue of Poligrafi dedicated to the material dimension of online religious practices and how they are shaping the ways both religion and digital media are perceived and addressed in our hypermediated society.

The forthcoming special issue of Poligrafi invites contributions from diverse fields, including religious studies, sociology, anthropology, media studies, theology, philosophy, and semiotics.

Papers are invited that address one or more of the following areas of research:

  • Digital methods for expressing the embodied dimension of a given religion.

  • Media platforms and their affordances for religious practices.

  • The ways in which digital religious experiences are impacting the perception of religion and what religion is considered to be.

  • How users react to digital platforms when performing religious performances.

  • Reflections on the notion of material religion.

  • How community and authority are reconfigured and manifested in lived religion online.

  • Posthumanism and the interrelationship between religious traditions and the machine other.

  • Religious experiences and the merging of the online and offline contexts.

  • How communal gatherings and celebrations of religious events are manifested online.

  • Sacred spaces and their virtual reconfiguration.

  • Metaverse’s potentialities for religious performances.

  • Extended realities and the future of the church.

We welcome your valuable contributions.

Victoria Dos Santos, Ph.D

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